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Please don’t vent your refrigerants. You have the potential to help the environment and the ozone layer through the proper disposal of all air conditioning appliances. If you have 25 or more units, we will pick them up and recycle them. Cost to be determined based on distance and number of units to be picked up.) (Please call for quote (262)  492 5953)  

Recycling Obsolete Units
We will retrieve and recycle your obsolete and broken units. Due to the hazardous nature of the refrigerants used in obsolete units the State DNR and the Federal EPA require type 1 and type 2 federal refrigerant licenses to reclaim and recycle the refrigerant. By contracting TEC Recycling to remove and recycle your obsolete units you can help the environment and relieve your facility from the liability of improperly disposed units.

Description of Recycling Service 

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